How one should dispute a denied claim?

How one should dispute a denied claim?


There are times when you make a claim to the cheap dental insurance and they dispute it rather than actually helping you. Maybe you were in a state of emergency and you need quick help but then when you go to claim, the insurance company dispute it. Surely, when faced with such a situation, you will need to act.

Disputing a claim

If you faced with such a situation, here is what you need to do:

  • You need to first of get attended to and your emergency relieved. This way, you will be relaxed to face any troubles that you may be confronted with.
  • After you have gotten the treatment that you need, the next step and crucial is to go to the EOB and look for the explanation on the issue at hand. This will give you a clue as to why your claim was denied.
  • You may also want to let the insurance people know that your claim was denied also, seek an explanation with them and try to figure out why your claim was denied.
  • It is also good to put your complaints in writing. The best dental insurance company advocate for this. Again, this will enable you to provide necessary documents that will back your arguments. This include things like dental records, a dentists’ letter.
  • If still the insurance company stands firm on their decision as it happens with some of the cheapest dental insurance company, you may want to take your complaints to the next level. Usually, and this is what you will find with most dental insurance providers, they will offer you with two levels where you can appeal.
  • If still that doesn’t help you, then you may choose to bring the issue before the insurance commissioner in your state. This will help you claim your rights. More to that, if the plan that you chose is under the ERISA laws, you may take the matter to this body.


Even though there may be a mistake on the part of the insurance company, it is best that you take every law seriously and read carefully through the terms and condition of the contract. Otherwise it may be your problem that the insurance company disputed your claim.


The following guideline should help you claim back what you may have lost. Therefore, make sure to follow them carefully and play your part in the rightful manner.

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